The use of photographs in art therapy

Photographs can be used in therapy in many ways and there is a very good website dedicated to phototherapy which includes articles and examples of the work that phototherapist’s do.

I have found that using photographs in art therapy groups provides an enjoyable way of sharing ideas related to our choice of photographs and for individuals in the group and also the therapist to introduce themselves to each other in a fun and easy way.  Over the years since I was first introduced to the idea of using found imagery in art therapy groups, I have taken many photographs of objects and scenes that I intend to be a diverse collection with images that are chosen to evoke a feeling response by the person who selects them.  Below are a few examples of images that have been chosen by people as a way of introducing themselves to others in the group.DSCF6003.jpgIMG_1878.jpgIMG_9849.jpgIMG_6286.jpg


As participants talk about their choices, it opens up discussion in a fun way, and personal insights are gained, and also a new understanding of others.


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