The Journey Begins with a LEAP

Thanks for joining me!

LEAP – Life Enhancing Art Psychotherapy

My journey into art therapy began many years ago when as a teenager I had a serious road accident which left me with injuries that changed the way I was able to live my life.  While recovering physically and also trying to come to terms with the damage emotionally, I used art materials to explore my feelings about the seemingly unjust lessons that life had dished out to me.  I made clay figures and then squidged them, I drew and painted and sang my way out of a very difficult time in my life.  This was a natural process for me as I am lucky enough to have always had art materials around, and find it easy to play and explore.

Many years later when I trained as an art therapist in Crawford college of Art and Design, I came to understand that this is something that many people do not find easy, often because they did not have positive art making experience during their time at school.  One of the key components to art therapy, is being able to relax and play with the art materials, so in initial art therapy sessions I facilitate playful ways of exploring emotions while using art materials in a safe and non-judgemental way.

My Leap experience has given me an opportunity to draw from the wealth of my experiential teachings and trust in the fabulous process of life.  I invite you to also take the Leap.


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton



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